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Choosing a healthcare Doctor, Nurse, or Provider for a loved one, whether for short term rehabilitation, or long term nursing care, is a gut wrenching decision and one that is often fraught with uncertainty and fear.

When the mandate and calling is for a nursing facility to care for another human being and for somebody else’s loved one, with the same dedication and compassion and dignity as they would wish upon their own loved one, the stakes are never higher.

During these tough times, decisions need to be made and families will often go online to conduct their research.

With so many healthcare resources and websites out there, it often becomes a chaotic cacophony of competing websites calling out for attention.

Whom do you trust?

Where can you find honest reviews?

From REAL consumers?

Welcome to NursingHomeRater.com!

We are extremely excited about this new website which is now in beta.

We are veterans of the nursing home and healthcare communities, in both – personal AND professional capacities.

We know the community and we know the industry.

We also know how to solicit and where to find LEGIT consumer reviews.

We aggregate real data from independent consumer healthcare resources, like Caring.com , SeniorAdvisor.com, Vitals.com, UcompareHealth.com and others.

We will present this information to you right here in one location!

Our initial focus will be on the healthcare sector in the New York and New Jersey areas and then we will be branching out to other states as well.

Thanks for being here!

“Knowledge is Power.”

Empower Yourself.

Read Reviews

Gather Data

Unlock independently published online consumer reviews and read them in one location

Find Top Performers

Locate reviews for top performing healthcare professionals and healthcare providers in YOUR area!

Choose Right

Help yourself make the right choice by learning from the shared experiences of others

Avoid Danger

Prevent yourself from repeating similar mistakes to those made in the past by others in your situation

Why Do We Care?

There’s a simple answer to this question.

We care, because we seek to make a difference. There are many reviews sites online, covering all manners of goods and services. Alas, finding and selecting a proper healthcare provider is not as easy or simple as choosing the right graphic artist.

We can make a real, positive impact.

If we improve the life of even one patient and his/her family, it will have been well worth our effort.


Percentage of consumers who say their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews


Percentage of folks who trust online reviews as much as personal referrals


Percentage of consumers who would try a business that had a rating of 4 stars or more


Percentage of consumers for whom "Knowledge is Power!"